Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Find: Vintage Woolrich Tailgater.

100% wool Shadow plaid. Unsure of the year. Fits just right. "Woolrich Woolen Mills" snaps. Wonderful repair stitching on the right elbow.

Stay tuned for a feature on where this was found...

updated version HERE


LPC said...

And they don't have it in small, as in small enough for women, so I am relegated to Bemidji Woolen Mills boy's clothing. Humph.

james said...

It's long since baffled me why Woolrich doesn't offer a small size.
I'm not sure if it's that real "men" certainly are not small...the vintage find is a 38 and although I would like it smaller, it leaves room for layering.
One tip, and this is strictly At-your-own-risk tip, is that with wool garments, for example my Filson Mackinaw Cruiser that I wanted a little slimmer of a fit from, I washed on gentle cycle, warm water and then did a very controlled drying of it in the machine, checking it every so often, very often in fact as wool shrinks up quickly. Once it dried down to the sought after size, I pulled it and let it air dry the rest of the way.
Again, at your own risk, but if you're willing to risk it, the results can be a slimmer fitting garment.

thanks for visiting Secret Forts.

Anonymous said...

Hey I've been enjoying checking out your blog. This is my winter jacket right here! Mine is size 34. I've been wearing this vintage jacket since long before Daiki Suzuki started the new woolen mills line.

Blank Label said...


wash shrinking your garments is a very tricky thing!

sometimes your clothes shrink in the wrong places too! which makes for an oddly shaped item.

not sure how the science works to it all, but i definitely would stay away from trying. rather spend time finding bargain deals =)

james said...

@blank label.

yes, agreed, sometimes it kind of mutates the garment. But I by no means am saying that its a sure thing, a safe bet. Quite the contrary. I only make mention of it because I took a gamble on a few Filson garments and it worked out for me. In fact, I also wash/shrank an old Harris tweed sport coat that I picked up at a thrift store down south and yes, it mutated a bit. But I can live with that. I kind of like the Wes Anderson proportions to suiting.
But, in the end, its strictly an "at your own risk" suggestion.
Thanks for visiting Secret Forts.

PA2Florida said...

Just scooped one up on Ebay for 18 bucks! After I read this blog I have been searching high and low for one. I grew up in PA near Woolrich and in high school and College the area was a great source for vintage Woolrich items.