Friday, September 25, 2009

The Hit List, pt. I: Into Fall.

Let's face it, as wonderful as it is to be barefoot for months at a time, we're all looking forward to Fall to some degree. Hence, the Fall Hit list, pt. I.

*Wings + Horns Melton Wool CPO
*Rapha Bomber
*Billykirk duffle
*Steven Alan Flannel-lined Down Vest
*DQM Waxed Canvas Coach's Jacket
*Wolverine 1000 mile boots
*Outlier Waxed canvas cap
*Qouddy Tobacco Bison Deck Chukka

*Levis Vintage Slim 501's XX
*Jack Spade Hallet Trench


Anonymous said...

thats a nice trench...cant find it from yr link though.

Eric said...

Glad to see the new fall hit list

Unknown said...

Great looking stuff. FYI, that Wings + Horns shirt is very similar to the Vietnam-era wool shirts that are laying around most Army surplus stores. If you're a little short on cash, you could pick one of those up for $10, spend $20 having it tailored, and come out with basically the same garment and a better story.