Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guest Head to Toe: Ryan Huber from Context Clothing.

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan while he was in town some months ago.
He's a guy who knows his stuff so I'll let him break this down...

*Selima Optique Mike in Tortoise Shell.
*The Hill-side Selvage Hickory Stripe Twill Tie in red and light grey. The Hill-side will be in the shop by June. The company is based out of Brooklyn. All the fabrics are sourced in Japan and the cut and sew is completed in New York. Its funny, we were trying to make ties, bandanas, and pocket squares in the same materials ourselves. These guys do an amazing job.
*Gitman Brothers Vintage White Oxford. Many are up-to-date on Gitman. This white oxford is one of my favorites-- heavy weight and well starched. The fit is great and its made in the states, which I love.
*Jean Shop Custom Leather Wallet. I had my friends at Jean Shop add some wax thread stitching. This one was untanned when I bought it a year ago. It has taken on a beautiful patina.
*60's Vintage Bandana made in the USA. I have a thing for bandanas. My grandfather had a huge influence on me. His shirts had to have two pockets (one for his non filtered camel cigarettes the other for his eyeglasses case) and he always carried a "hanky" in his back pocket. This is the one I left the house with.
*Jean Shop Rocker 15oz. The Rocker is one of the best fits available. This one is cut from a 15oz dry Japanese orange line selvage. I've worn these regularly for about 8 months. They have been soaked once and washed once. My business partner's mother Patty repaired them. If you look close you can see the repairs.
*Russell Moccasin Triple Vamp hiking boots. Russell Moccasin is one hour north of our shop. They have been making their moccasins in the same space since they began in 1898. I try to make a trip there once a year. The triple vamp construction makes for one super waterproof boot. If you look closely, you can see a hidden seam running down the top.

Many thanks to Ryan.

If you find yourselves in Madison,
stop in at Context and say hey.

113 King St.
Madison WI 53703


Anonymous said...

any idea where i can find those sunglasses? (besides selima optique)

james said...

Try Ryan's shop, Context.
Also Blackbird I believe carries Selima.
Then, there's the frames they did with J.Crew...
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Some great stuff in there. I have to agree about the bandana. Always comes in handy when you least expect it. The Russel's are probably my favorite out of all of these.

Anonymous said...

Any idea the name of the boots?

Anonymous said...

Are the boots back and brown?

Mirage said...

It is one of the best fabrics to dye because of the beautiful way it takes and shows color.It has been made in Japan since the 1800’s, but has recently been disappearing from the fashion world.