Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guest Head to Toe: Jay Carroll of PTLDME.

Next up, Jay from Rogues Gallery, PTLDME and as of tomorrow, the One Trip Pass pop-up shop at Billy Reid was kind enough to humor my request. Take a gander and get yourselves over to 54 Bond street.

*"The Wyeths" edited by Betsy James Wyeth
*Fjallraven rucksack
*Rogues Anchor Key fob
*Jay's wrist and hand
*Wool Watch cap
* Ray Ban Wayfarers
*St. Christopher necklace
*Camber sweatshirt
*Kapital Pea Coat & Flannel
*RG for Blackbird vintage Tee
*RG Harpoon belt
*RRL Jeans
*Kapital socks
*Vintage Wolverine boots


Foster Huntington said...

jays anchor tattoo is bad ass. i noticed it the first time i met him. He is Rogues Gallery.

Anonymous said...

what color fjall raven bag is that? Thanks.