Friday, March 6, 2009

Head to Toe: Winter Look (ain't Spring yet)...

*Rag&Bone slim tote
*EP Martin Sahara watch
*Filson Shelter Cloth Cap
*Cutler&Gross glasses
*Engineered Garments Field Parka
*Gilded Age McDowell Aran hand knitted cardigan
*RL Yukon flannel bd shirt
*J.Crew Linen pocket square(back pocket)
*LL Bean essential web belt
*KMW black Rocker jeans
*J.Crew argyle socks
*Quoddy of Maine trail moccasins


Unknown said...

Digging your web site. The quoddy trail that a blucher, in brown? A well-worn pair?

ginzuknives said...

i live in atlanta. it's 75 today and i have no idea what to wear. help!

Angelo R. said...

The bluchers do not have a lace that weaves around the shoe like that. Those are the Quoddy boat shoes.

james said...

indeed. boat shoes they are. Black camp sole.
thanks for checking out Secret Forts...