Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rewatch: "Me and You and Everyone We Know"

Learning to Love you More


taylor said...

Ahhh-hah, the first time I've found myself in disagreeance with you. I saw MaYaEWK when it premiered at SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) and was totally put off. I remember reading one critic poignantly noting that to call it "contrived" is not necessarily the point (as much as I thought it was), but more-so that it's too "cute" to follow through with it's own bullshit.

I really wanted to like it, as the majority of my friends (and now subsequently you), whose opinions I hold in high regard have always had nothing but amazing things to say about it. Really just couldn't get into it. And actually, after a viewing of a collection of her shorts last year (which I much more enjoyed), I DID indeed rewatch it and still was thoroughly disappointed. I guess it's healthy to note that our opinions aren't completely tantamount.

james said...

I agree on some levels. Miranda July's writing/film does tend to exist in this somewhat cute, pixie-ish, consciously naive space. It can be a bit much to get through at times, like joanna Newsome I dare song is fine, an entire record...well.
But c'mon, that kid is f*cking hilarious. I was tempted to post the infamous "poop it back and forth forever" clip.
She does seem to also, herself, live in that space. With the "Learning to love you more" site and what else I know of her. Kind of a female peter pan.
Thanks for the comments and thanks for checking back with secret forts. My goal is to just post what I like, what I'm thinking about, whats on my mind...and I'm stoked when other people find the site and can connect with some of the things on it in some way. Spread the word and keep checking back.

best regards.