Thursday, November 13, 2008

Head to toe: Fall Look

*Moscot Nebb Tortoise
*Panerai Radiomir watch
*A-Z Collection carpenters bag
*Hyden Yoo Pitt bomber jacket
*J.Crew cardigan
*Dunderdon Fellows plaid shirt
*RL Rugby rigid slim denim
*Oi Polloi+Arrow crepe sole mocs


Anonymous said...

A $14,000 watch? really? I dare you to put together a head to toe for under $200. I like to think I have style but I'm not independently wealthy.

I have looked at your posts and I love em… and then get cash envy, which isn't healthy.

james said...

The watch is crazy expensive. I post a lot of Timex. The Panerai is just a handsome watch. I do like the 200$ challenge though. thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Valet. just did a Q&A with Hyden Yoo: