Thursday, August 25, 2011

Transit Issue : Apolis + Sierra Designs, Oakland, CA.

My good friends over at Apolis have just today released the latest additions to their Transit Issue collection, the stand out being(though very stoked to see the re-stock of the tough-as-nails waxed canvas USMC jacket and the release of the reversible anorak) the classic Oakland,CA-made Sierra Designs 60/40 Mountain Parka.

A little while back, I gave you a little preview of Sierra Designs' US Made gear being made available in the states(previously, only Japan was privy to the goodness of the US made outdoor gear). As they have in the past, Apolis has released a short film highlighting the partnership with a tour of the Mt. Everest factory where this iconic outdoor gear is produced. Now click over to the Apolis site for the latest in Transit Issue and be sure to check out the classic-ness of the Sierra Designs US made 60/40 Mountain Parka. I'm told there are further styles being resurrected in the near future so stay tuned. With Irene bearing down on the east coast, this might come in handy.


wrd said...

dude, those are sick. is sierra designs going to release a version themselves as well? or just doing collabs? only problem with the apolis one is the price tag is a tad step

Unknown said...