Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Back : The Rig Out, #IV.

Hot off the presses, the fine fellows of the Rig Out(them being Glenn Kitson, Andy Bird and Antony Crook) have done it yet again and as usual, in a big way.

If you've been charting the progress of the rag, it's both grown in scope and size with each printing and issue #4 is no exception. As you can see above, it's both biggerer and, knowing the chaps involved, better. As Glenn Kitson puts it, "For this issue we minced over to Milan, New York, London, Nairobi, and then popped over to Morocco to take in a spot of social uprising, well, we hid in a van for 5 days to be honest. We have the usual flannel on flannel by esteemed writers such as, Gary Warnett, Jason Dike and (Oi Polloi Deck Out waffle merchant) Mark Smith. Along with contributions from James Bowthorpe, Photography from Neil Bedford and styling by Angelo Urrutia of Engineered Garments. Front and back cover designed by artist (and former Stone Roses Guitarist) John Squire. With the usual mix of top clobber from brands including: Stone Island, CP Company, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Clarks Originals, Engineered Garments and the much more." Below, a few selected photographs by my man and perpetual globe trotter, Antony Crook. Styling by Glenn Kitson.

Once again, The Rig OUt #IV will be available in the coming weeks through this here online outlet. The price will be $10. Shipping only to US and Canada.

Pre-Order Instructions: The process, for those who've ordered in the past, will be the same. There will be a limited number available(between 50-65, TBD.) It will be first come, first serve. Email me at secretforts@gmail.com with 'RIGOUT#4' in the subject line. PLEASE INCLUDE your mailing address AND email to which I'll email you a Paypal invoice for $10. Once you pay and it's confirmed, I'll send it out to you. That's it.

A personal thanks to the Rig Out team for again making their fine publication available through this secret fort.

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JP said...

Hi James,

looking forward to this and will pick it up instore when released, think I prefered the smaller size but will hold judgement.
Good to see John Squire working on it, went to a preview of this work a few weeks back in London and relly liked it also gave it a mention here if ok.


Keep up the good work