Saturday, April 9, 2011

Head to Toe : Early Spring.

*Oxford striped 5 panel cap
*Warby Parker Fillmore Sandalwood matte
*Grandfather's Omega Constellation Bumper
*Apolis indigo Chore Jacket + The Hill-Side Plum Violet pocket square
*WWM Upland BD
*Cause & Effect custom monogramed belt + The Hill-Side hickory striped handkerchief + Otter-Messer Anchor knife + Zebra F701
*Baldwin 77's
*Solmate Socks
*ACL&Co + New Amsterdam dirty bucks


A Financial Statement said...

The Cause & Effect personalized belt is so dope. Lovin' the whole unit.

mpr said...

man. Just can't get past the $40 snot rag.

eric said...

Sweetest hat. Where is it from?