Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Good Company: Hickoree's Hard Goods + J. Crew.

Having made the hike uptown(from Brooklyn, hence hike) the other morning to have a look at J.Crew's newest men's store at 1040 Madison Avenue, a curious thing has happened since.
Launching today, Hickoree's Hard Goods, the companion endeavor of brothers(and good friends of Secret Forts) Emil and Sandy Corsillo(creators of The Hill-Side) has established an outpost in the downstairs vault of the former bank building.
The J.Crew team has done it again, with a beautiful build out using reclaimed, re-purposed and re-milled knotty pine(similar to that of their 484 store) influenced by mountain dwellings of the Swiss Alps.
It's another homerun for J. Crew, only furthered by their partnering with Hickoree's and the thoughtful and somewhat playful selection of wares. From Hart's Heritage seed packs to handmade bags from Stanley & Sons to vintage goods("old Hickoree's), the feel is true to Hickoree's ethos and eye for the simply designed, the timeless and the nostalgic.(Click HERE for today's NYTimes article)It will continue to evolve over time; as items go, there promises to be new ones to take their place. So head uptown to have a look for yourself and if you're not in NYC, there's always Hickoree's online.
(I'm super stoked for the Corsillo brothers and look forward to seeing what comes next.)

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