Tuesday, December 22, 2009

11th Hour : Last Minute Gift Ideas.

*For her, Le Labo's Bergamote 22 perfume. Mixed just for you on site.
*Keep your pants on with a Trace Carrier Belt @ Hickoree's Hard Goods
*Giles & Bros. Wishbone Necklace, for good luck.
*Stay warm under a Wool Tartan blanket
*Acorn Saddlebag
*Opinel folding knife
*Best Made Co. Axe in a box.
*Outlier + ML Brown braided leather key chain.
*Freeman Transport waxed canvas/chambray lined pouch set. Stay organized.
*Take notes, Pack of 3 Field Notes.
*Andrea Brugi Cutting Board available in the US only at (the fantastic) Nickey Kehoe Shop.

*Made by Eugene Balain Key chain available at Art in the Age.
*Perfect house shoes, a Pair of Tom's.
*Fjallraven Vintage 13L rucksack, online or at their newly opened NYC store(262 Mott st. @ Spring st.)
*A print from Mollusk Surf Shop.


Anonymous said...

Great list. I'd be happy seeing just about any of those sitting under my tree. Unrelated to this post, but are you gonna be in cahoots with Oi Polloi again for this new issue of Rig Out?

designerman said...

HNY, as the kids say. where's the wishbone/chain from? want that...