Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Epic Field Trip: Apolis + Secret Forts, pt. I.

Tuesday morning, I make it over to the Ace to meet Raan, Mike Abe, Apolis' Private Label Director and Jou-Yie Chou, creative producer for the Ace Hotels. Joey gives us a tour of floors 11 and 12, yet to be finished. A really great look into how the Ace just nails it on most every level.
From there, we get the P.A.T.H. to Hoboken, where Jason Rothstein from Titan Trading Co. is waiting for us. We're driven out to Titan's Paramus facility where Raan and Mike will look through hundreds of buttons and fasteners to choose what's what for upcoming Apolis lines.
But first, we were given a tour and we all kinda geeked out on the unfathomable amount of buttons under Titan's roof.
After a few hours and Raan and Mike having taken care of business, Jason offered us a ride to the Apolis crew's next meeting. But first, we stop at The Fireplace on rte. 17. Opened in 1956 by a former FBI agent, it's been a Paramus staple ever since. The picture says it all.

Stay tuned for pt. II.


Anonymous said...

james, is that you in the green pants?

james said...

thats Raan from Apolis.