Monday, June 22, 2009

Perfect Fit: Alden of New England + Context Tanker Boot.

The Tanker's upper is made from Alden's black Novo Calfskin, which is an Analine Tannage calfskin leather finished to what Alden calls the "Bright Finish" giving it some luster. They are built on the Barry last, which is a last that was supplied to the military by the U.S. government from WW1 thru WW2. Context's Tanker Boot is made to Alden of New England standards which means they have a tempered steel shank that is precisely contoured and triple ribbed for extra strength.

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Anthony said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for posting these awesome boots. I was looking for a pair of boots but didn't find one that was just right until know. Looks dressy but has some edge to it. Thank you

Joe said...

i just bought these today.

Anonymous said...

These seem like fine shoes, but it is a shame you call them Tanker Boots; REAL Tanker Boots have straps, NOT laces!