Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Still Got it: Mike Carroll, Fully Flared.

I made a trip to San Fran back in late '92, around the time that EMB and the kids that skated there were getting really well known. Plan B's "Questionable" had just come out and made something of a star out of EMB, the guys who skated it everyday and specifically, Mike Carroll.

We had come to San Fran to skate and not much else. We pushed down Market and up to EMB. It was hugely intimidating. There is something still very distinct in my mind about the
clack, clack, clack your wheels made rolling around the plaza.
A short while later, Carroll and some others showed up and fairly immediately, everyone(myself included) took a seat on the steps. I remember having this perception of him as a fairly temperamental type and as he pushed around, being watched like a goldfish, his mood indeed went south and as he was leaving, and walking past me, he muttered "your board's for riding, not sitting on."
Words to live by.


Stevie Ites said...

Great story.

Anonymous said...

im still looking for a pair of mike carroll vans after all these years..

Darin said...

Great story, what a legend!