Friday, July 3, 2009

On Assignment: Your Summer Drinking List.

You already know my proclivity for Coors Banquet.
So here's a few more to cool you off this summer.

*No collar champagne.
*Pimm's Cup:
Both Dressler and Walter Foods make a perfectly good one.
*The French 75. Made well at Freeman's
*The Michelada. Good at both Bonita and La Esquina
*The Margaveza, at Daddy's
*La Bicicletta Rouge, nice at the Standard
*The Article 57 at Huckleberry Bar
*And because it's Independence Day weekend, why not get a sixer of Liberty Ale.


christie said...

Pimms makes me happy. One of the only places I know you can order them in LA is the Edendale Grill in Silverlake.

james said...

Next time I get out that way, I'll do a little research there.

Kyle said...

Bario Chino makes a great Michelada as well. I'm hooked.

james said...

You're right, Bario Chino should have madde the list. Good one. Thanks. Hope you had a good 4th.

The Standard Edition said...

Definitely back the Low Life and Liberty Ale. Well played, sir.