Friday, January 9, 2009

Head to toe: Winter Look

*Woolrich Woolen Mills Jones hat
*Moscot Yale frames
*Pria plaid wool scarf
*Tsovet SVT-AT76
*Filson washed canvas carry-all
*Canada Goose Parka
*Blacksheep cardigan
*Engineered Garments plaid work shirt
*J.Crew belt
*Billykirk wallet
*APC New Standard
*Woolrich Ten-Mile socks
*LL Bean Maine Hunting shoes


taylor said...

That Tsovet watch is beautiful!

David said...

don't know how i stumbled on you blog but i am glad i did... love the stuff you find... keep up the good work!

John said...

The Tsovet watch is nice, but I would say it owes more then a little bit of its design to Bell & Ross, am I wrong?