Monday, October 13, 2008

head to toe: Fall look

*Shuron Sidewinders
*Giles&Brother antler necklace
*Vintage Rolex Cosmograph
*Brady Aerial Trout shoulder bag
*Engineered Garments+Levis slim jacket
*Rogues Gallery flannel
*Tory leather hook belt
*Trovata Mitchell chino
*Quoddy deck shoes


Danny said...

You always post some good lookin' stuff...but how about a link to where you found it? Or where its available? A picture alone doesn't do much good otherwise...

Perfect example, I'd love to know where you found the belt above!

Anonymous said...

Links are built into the list of items.

I agree with the rest of the comment though, the looks you put together are spot on.

It's nice to see Maine represented too. Rogues Gallery flannel shirt and Quoddy shoes, we're doing a few things right up here.

Keep up the good work!