Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nostalgia: S.E. Hinton


Stefan said...

I was checking out your blog based on Blackbird's recommendation and found this entry.

I had long forgotten the novel Tex until just now upon seeing this entry. I remember reading it in my seventh grade language arts class as assigned reading. I read it over, and over again - I think it was the first assigned reading I actually enjoyed.

Your blog is excellent, but I wanted to say thanks for that bit of nostalgia I had long since forgotten.


Love those covers. I have editions bought during a teenage trip in Dublin, which aren't as nice.
I'm a bit mad at FF Coppola for doing his Redux version of The Outsiders, thus losing the great soundtrack by his father Carmine. I don't know how the novels hold up to reading now, but the two adaptations by Coppola are still fantastic (and I think a bit underrated.
Excellent blog indeed!